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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My story of the IT pants - harem!!

It was summer of 2006 when I was in the Greek Islands, I came upon the pants that reassemble "M.C. Hammer" pants - the harem! I could not believe my eyes! it was everywhere! it was the "IT" pants in Greece at the time! This IT pants came to around knees or just below the knees, almost look like a combo of a skirt over the legging. At first glance, it looked hideous and strange, but, I quickly changed my mind after seeing how cool the beautiful Greek girls in them!  The look wast just too powerful for me not to accept it, I had to give it a try - hey, I am never the one to be scared of something new.... well, I tried but didn't end up buy one at that time, maybe I was not ready. After I left Greece, I never see it again even though I told everyone that "the M.C. Hammer pants" are going to hit the fashion trend. well, it did not happen, not just yet....

Fast forward to the summer of 2009, It happened again! while strolling in the streets of Croatia and Rome, my eyes landed on the IT pants AGAIN... this time, I am ready, I didn't hesitate in purchasing two pairs and I love them!  

It's been 4 years since the IT pants come into my consciousness, many people may think it is ugly, I encourage you to give a try, you may just change your mind like I did. With the right ensemble, this pants can make you look super contemporary, chic, cool, artsy and poetic... not to mention how comfertable it is.

The IT pants come in many shapes, and fabrics, choose wisely, otherwise, it will be unflattering to your body and make you look flat and short legged. The key, is to find the right SHAPE for your body, not too extreme. The best harem is full around the hip area and tight at the calf, then you wear it with a fitted top or structured short jacket, accompany with a pair of strappy shoes, ankle boots, or knee height boots, finish the look with a cross body bag, voilà! You've got the TREND RIGHT, and now you are looking sharp at the fashion trend front!

                                                               me in Croatia, summer 2009

International Citizen Fall 2011 Shanghai Pants (Harem style)

Travel in Italy summer of 2009, my artist and Fashion director friend Laura Kruesmark

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  1. you look cute in those pants from Croatia, Sheena!

  2. thank you hun.... you gonna get a pair right? :)

  3. I saw these pants at Anthrolopologie, but it depends on who's wearing it. Otherwise it'll look the old chinese farmer pants called 1-2-3. hahaha. Thanks for the info.

  4. haha... I am designing one, I am calling it Shanghai Pants, it'll be hot, follow the website lauch soon: