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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sex and the City 2 - Carrie on Gilded Gaze

Gilded Gaze
Reported by Daily Front Row

Do these shades look familiar? They should, unless you’ve been living in total seclusion for the past year. Sarah Jessica Parker dons these Mykita; Bernhard Willhelm gold Franz sunglasses in the Sex and the City sequel (and in every billboard and promo, for that matter). If you're feeling like emulating Bradshaw, this is the quickest and chicest way to do it. THE DETAILS: In store at Bergdorf Goodman, MYKITA; Bernhard Willhelm gold FRANZ sunglasses $525 

Asian Fashion

I grew up in Asia, Shanghai to be specific, I love the fashion from Asia -  always fashion forward, stylish, unique, with a blend of Asian and European.   Every time I travel back home to Shanghai or Hong Kong, I so excited to shop till I drop - it is the shoppers paradise.... if you have not been to Asia, you really don't know fashion in a global sense.  So, I suggest you pack up and make it there, SOON.... cause Asia is the Future.a.a.a.a....! the biggest purchasing power ($$) is there (according to research).

Scissor Fashion

According to NY Magazin  

"Figure-enhancing slits in unexpected places made for curve-hugging styles and arty peekaboos". I always fond the "cut out" fashion  to be most sexy, whether it is on an evening gown, or a beachwear,très chic! très sexy since the master "scissor hand" fashion designer Versace's days.  only a bit of "peekaboo" to invite a great imagination - the power of seduction is laying in the unseen....

Ethereal Goddess, Exotic beauty - Model Actress Joell Posey

It is rare that you run into someone who just takes your breath away by her innocence and her sensuality, she is actress and model Joell Posey.  Joell has a great blend of exotic beauty and genuine sweetness, I am lucky to have met her, and have her be the face of International Citizen Design House!
Keep eye on this rising star!
photo by Wayne Rutledge
design by Gordana

Sex and the City 2

This Friday is the day we girls have been waiting for, opening of the Sex and the City 2!
 I have already gotten my ticket and will be waiting in line for the movie! then I will party it up after with my girl and gay friends.... it's gonna be a blast!!  anyone who has romance in their heart and style in their mind must be at the front of the line.  
I thought to post few Sarah Jessica Parker's photos just to celebrate her unique style! 

GO Sarah!
GO all the stylish women in the world!

Best in Show

According to W:
A melange of feathers and fur, cashmere and chiffon, silk and shearling, the Fall 2010 collections are strong, elegant and have it all.