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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall for Fur - Faux Fur!

“Fake is not chic  – but fake fur is,” Karl Lagerfeld said backstage at the Chanel fall/winter 2010 show. “It’s not global warming, it’s global-cooling!” .... This is amazing, cause Karl is known for his fur designs for Fendi back in the days.
I was in New York City during the fashion week few weeks ago, visited my designer friends from Calvin Klein, they showed me some amazing faux fur material that are incrediblly real looking, those faux furs come in assortment of colors and textures, I am so glad to see the biggest designers in the world, top American lables and the fashion industry is going in the direction of social contiousness and compassion for life!! There is just no reason to kill for chic - that's just not cool! 

Yes Fall/winter is here, we admire the beautiful luxirous coat of the little animals and creatures, but admire don't rob their life for it!!!  When you make your next purchase, 
be cool choose Faux Fur! 

Check out these faux fur fashion, they are beautiful, and chic!

Chanel Fall 2010 Fashion Show

International Citizen 

Lindsey Lohan

Top Shop

Kate Bosworth and Kate Moss in Faux Fur

Love me, appraciate me, I will be your pet,
but don't rob my skin, cause I want to live :(