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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lady Gaga - the Art of Fashion

Musicians should never look like a movie star!.... It's not about how glamorous you look and how pretty you are, it's about the originality, the style, the artist within you! Why not be bold?! be different?! ultimately, be an artist!!!! Break out artistic appearances with some creativity already!! SHOCK us with your one of kind fashion that drips originality, tell us who you really are!  If fashion is the extended artistic personality, then the line has been blurred from a musician/music artist to a movie star in the U.S.!  Not until Lady Gaga came onto the scene, finally!!! Drum-roll please - a new dimension and new realization from the music community, that is to be unique, stand out and be different is a desirable attribute as a singer and artist!  how far can you push the envelope to be original!!??? love her or hate her - Lady Gaga is an ARTIST, never claim to be "pretty", she has changed the fashion for the whole music industry!!  finally, fashion for musicians is about to titillate us, surprise us, and shock us!  How refreshing?  Thank you Lady Gaga for changing the view of what fashion is about in the music industry - O R I G I N A L I T Y!!! thank you for being a trend setter for the fashion industry.... period!

Celebrities who are following Gaga's fashion trend:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashion Film Featuring International Citizen

Fashion Film is a new genre of artistic expression... stunningly stylish, beautifully captured, and of course the dream-like script!
Take a breath...... A short fashion film featuring International Citizen is in progress in Hollywood with some of the most influential producers and finest young artists, models, and actors.
  The cast of talent includes: the faces of International Citizen, top male model A.J. JacobsJoell Posey, actor Jordan Fry from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and musician Justin Anderson just to name a few.  How exciting?!   This short film will capture the essence of International Citizen -  stylish world travelers who are woven into an international love story...