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Thursday, February 21, 2013

MAGIC fashion trade show at Vegas

International Citizen is a hit at the MAGIC. We bring a fresh look and unique style to the fashion market. According to Paramount Studio Licensing director Elliot L., he was about to give up on finding anything eye catching until he found International Citizen fashion! It made his day!
We will continue to explore the individuality of fashion, be cool, be stylish, and be the fabulous self you are. 
International Citizen is not just another fashion label, it is a lifestyle, a statement, and a movement!

Live, love, and travel!

Founder of International Citizen Sheena Gao and Laura Krusemark at the MAGIC booth.

Survivor TV show season 11 winner Danni Boatwright in Esercito Jacket.

98 Degrees boy-band founder  Jeff Timmons in i.CTZN House Tee. Watch for the boy-band reunion this summer.

Licensing Director from Paramount Studio Eliot Lederman.