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Thursday, August 12, 2010

International Citizen [i.CTZN] !!!!

Time to take the fashion to a next level!!!!
introduce International Citizen Design House - fashion with a vision!

International Citizen Design House [i.CTZN] is dedicated to promoting the power of universal oneness through unique men's and women's fashion. Inspired by international design details, i.CTZN offers distinctive style and high quality fashion products with a global concept. 
Products: Men's and women's fashion, accessories, shoes, and luggage.

Are you an International Citizen?

If you are an intelligent, sophisticated, passionate, beautiful, sassy, stylish world traveler who cares about the universe we live in - you ARE the International Citizen!

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The faces of International Citizen:

Photographer: Wayne Rutledge
CEO and Creative Director: Sheena Gao
COO and Design Director: Laura Krusemark

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  1. Great post again Sheena!!! High 5 Partner - on all the hard work - lots more to come, but so exciting!!!!